– Laxman Hampihalikar

I was truly thrilled to know that there are Doctors who truly cares about their patients. She was awesome and I will keep passing her name and numbers to all of my connections for any dental related issues. Muchas Gracias Doc..I will see you again. God bless you.. Stay healthy always.

                                                                                                                                                – Rajkumar



Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time


Lovely experience, I went to sleep and didn’t feel a thing during my teeth cleaning. The doctor was friendly and polite. I had chipped my tooth and had to get my teeth cleaned. Her prescribed treatment was very effective and I’m happy to return to her next.

– Aditya Mendonca


Dr. Shaileja Prasad is an excellent dentist. She is skilled and experienced and makes any dental procedure including the “much-feared” tooth extractions completely painless and quick.

She is pleasant and you know you are in very safe hands because she is not just super-responsible but highly knowledgeable and accurate in her diagnosis and treatment.

Her assistant is also very good and friendly and the feel of her clinic is a calming one with a fish-bowl, a brass container of fresh floating flowers and the green plants that soothe a waiting patient’s nerves there 🙂



Dr. Prasad is wonderful. Easy to talk to, listens, and performs many tests to ensure unnecessary procedures are avoided. I strongly recommend her, especially foreigners seeking someone competent and trustworthy.

-Eric Hofer

Excellent ! She’s a great dentist. Methodical, punctual, friendly and everything you won’t see commonly in Indian doctors/ dentists.

  • Gokul


Excellent attention. Great bedside manners. Put me at ease by explaining every step of the procedure.”

– Mr Prasanna


” I was in the process of the entire marriage prospecting and meeting girls and their families. But a long time back a dentist had mentioned that my teeth are naturally yellowish in colour. Accepting that as the truth, I never went in for a scaling and polishing treatment for the teeth. During this phase of marriage prospecting, my mother suggested that I see a dentist and get one round of scaling done. I approached Dr. Shailaja because she has a beautiful clinic at Brigade Road. Her practice appeared very personlized, and I got the feeling that personal connect and attention would definitely be delivered. When I met the Doctor, she explained how she would do the process. She went on and helped me understand how scaling is done going into various details. She started off the procedure by first inspecting my mouth and showing it to me on a computer screen. I could see everything in my mouth very clearly, and she even pointed out teeth that seem to have a cavity or may decay soon. In fact, her primary concern was that I had a crooked wisdom tooh which was already decaying, but would also cause the next tooth in the jaw to lose its anchor very soon, and suggested I get an impaction done.

Once she started the scaling procedure, she politely kept asking if there was any kind of pain at any point, and asked me to raise my hand whenever it got even the slightest bit hurtful. I heeded her advice and kept informing her whenever pain cropped up. Every time, she would stop and explain why the pain occured – that the enamel of the specific tooth is very thin and sometimes the tooth gets slightly more scaled than required. The entire process of scaling took about 35 mins. Post that she did polishing of the teeth using a paste and another machine equipment. The polishing took about 20 mins, and within 1 hour, I walked out with shiny white teeth. When I asked for the bill, Dr. Shailaja gave me a very reasonable price for the bill and also offered a small discount. She even gave me a complimentary sensitive toothpaste to manage with the pain for the next couple of weeks.

Thank you Dr. Shailaja Prasad for the amazing experience. I hope many patients are able to get treated by you and your professional services.”

-Rachit Kabra


“All my family have been going to Dr. Shaila for over 10 years and we love her for her patient and gentle manner. She is a competent dentist with the latest technology and knowledge and believes in educating her patients and guiding them towards prevention of dental issues as opposed to just treating them. She never does more than necessary and has never come across as in it for the money. A genuinely caring dentist, I would recommend her highly.”

-Arati Kshirasagar, Singapore


“Great. Dr was very knowledgeable. She explained the problem in detail and answered all questions. Very flexible and was willing to help on my time. Was a very good experience overall. “

– Chendooran


“Dr. Shailaja does a very nice job. She listens, she remembers! (even if she takes notes, it’s still cool), and she is patient. I feel very comfortable every time I’m at her practice.

I have had cleanings, varnish treatments (flouride), two mouth guards and two fillings done by her, and all have been excellent.

I would recommend her services to anyone. Thank you, Dr. Shailaja!”

–   Dana L Aronson


“I took my 2 yr old for her for first dental visit to Dr. Shailaja and she was extremely good. I wanted to take my daughter to pediatric dentist but now I don’t need to look for one. People like me, who have been looking for pediatric dentists can meet her without second thoughts. Also she has been our family dentist and she is extremely good with her procedures. No unnecessary prescriptions and procedures.”
                                                                                                                                          – Aadhirai

“I had a good experience at the clinic. Doctor is very knowledgeable and explained the problem and the solution and various options that were available. Overall I had a good experience at the clinic.”

                                                                                                                                  – Ramesh Babu


“A year ago I met a French friend in Koramangala for a swim. On my way back, I felt a piece of enamel break off my front tooth. Horrified, I searched in my diary for the name of the nice dentist my friends recommended. She was on the point of leaving for a holiday but kindly fitted me in, there and then. My tooth was fixed and I made the acquaintance of a wonderful, skilled and thoughtful dentist.”

– Christina Mishra

” I went into Dr. Shailaja’s clinic with all the apprehensions I usually have during a visit to the dentist. The first thing she did was put all my concerns to rest over the process my teeth needed (Root Canal Treatment and some fillings). I was travelling from overseas and had limited time in which I required three sittings – Dr. Shailaja went out of her way to help out with scheduling three mutually convenient sittings within one week.

These sessions were followed by some simple yet effective guidance on brushing and flossing, which I wish I had known a few years ago.

Overall, I would highly recommend Dr. Shailaja’s clinic for my friends both in India, and those overseas who are considering dental tourism as an option. ”

– Mani Sivasubramanian

” Dr Shailaja is extremely professional. She is conservative in her attitude which works in favour of the patient and yet gives choice and explains the consequences of different treatments. This helped me as a patient to make informed choices. I have been going to her for the last 3 years and have recommended her to family members who also have begun consulting her on their dental treatment. She is always meticulous in keeping her appointment at the time given and never keeps one waiting. Hygiene is a priority and she is gentle in her work. Five stars-she deserves it. “

– Sujata Rangaswami

“When I think of dental care for me or my family, I think of Shailaja. Dr. Shailaja always takes care to explain the procedures and why she thinks it is necessary to do those. My case was very complicated and she made sure that she did a lot of research before she decided on the right form of treatment for me. I have been taking my 9 year old daughter to Shailaja for the past three years. Initially, she was very scared to sit on the dental chair but Dr. Shailaja spoke to her very calmly and now, she is very comfortable. Good care and a clear picture is something that can be taken for granted here. All I can say is, thanks to Dr. Shailaja, I dont have to worry about my family’s teeth.”

– Harshini Kiran


“Excellent service, very professional, highly recommended clinic. Dr Shailaja is extremely patient and takes care in explaining procedures and options.” 

– Mrs. S Ayer, Singapore


” In life unpleasant past experiences teach anyone a lesson or two and also raises the bar of expectations. Dr. Shailaja excels in putting me at ease in explaining the dental problems of myself and my wife Hema and the rationale of her treatment and in her attention to all details. Cure and comfort can always be expected from Dr. Shailaja. ”

– Mr. K Balasubramanian, Bangalore.


” I have been visiting Dr. Shailaja’s clinic ever since she started in 2007. I used to dread going to the dentist but after my visit to her clinic it is no longer so. She explains all the details and puts you at ease. Her tips on brushing and flossing have helped me greatly.”

– Sanjeet Rao 

” Its always a good experience with Dr. Shailaja as she is sensitive to the needs of her patient.” -Payal Dey