Patient Testimonials

Hayat Sadri

I’m always taken in promptly when I’ve made an appointment with Dr. Shailaja. There’s also always pleasant music playing in her clinic which is quite calming. She explains everything very nicely and has a light touch and always ensures I’m not feeling pain during my treatments. I’ve had multiple cleaning sessions with her as well as cavities filled etc. Would definitely recommend Dr.Shailaja and her team.

Sumitra Gopal

Dr. Shailaja Prasad was very patient and took the time to explain what was the problem with my dental complaint. She also explained in layman’s terms as to how my problem could be addressed, the time it would take and the number of visits included the estimated cost of the treatment. Overall, I felt very comfortable during this first visit and look forward to a successful interaction in terms of my treatment. I would most certainly recommend her to my friends, family, and associates

Sanjeet Rao

I have been visiting Dr. Shailaja’s clinic ever since she started in 2007. I used to dread going to the dentist but after my visit to her clinic it is no longer so. She explains all the details and puts you at ease. Her tips on brushing and flossing have helped me greatly.

Mr. K Balasubramanian, Bangalore

In life unpleasant past experiences teach anyone a lesson or two and also raises the bar of expectations. Dr. Shailaja excels in putting me at ease in explaining the dental problems of myself and my wife Hema and the rationale of her treatment and in her attention to all details. Cure and comfort can always be expected from Dr. Shailaja.

Mrs. S Ayer, Singapore

Excellent service, very professional, highly recommended clinic. Dr Shailaja is extremely patient and takes care in explaining procedures and options.

Harshini Kiran

When I think of dental care for me or my family, I think of Shailaja. Dr. Shailaja always takes care to explain the procedures and why she thinks it is necessary to do those. My case was very complicated and she made sure that she did a lot of research before she decided on the right form of treatment for me. I have been taking my 9 year old daughter to Shailaja for the past three years. Initially, she was very scared to sit on the dental chair but Dr. Shailaja spoke to her very calmly and now, she is very comfortable. Good care and a clear picture is something that can be taken for granted here. All I can say is, thanks to Dr. Shailaja, I dont have to worry about my family’s teeth.


I visited Dr.Shailaja Prasad for wisdom teeth extraction. After initial observation, yesterday she extracted wisdom teeth painlessly. She briefed me all the issues pertaining to procedure in detail and shared list of dos and don’ts. She is an excellent dentist and I strongly recommend her for all your dental treatment. Clinic has all latest equipment for treatment. Last but not least all her supporting staff are polite and kind.I wish all success in her future endeavors. Thank you very much.

Patient Who Does Not Want To Be Named

After my first visit to a dentist, recommended by my family, almost twenty years ago, I stayed away from dentists until recently. That dentist fixed a few small problems, but in the process created new problems that I had to live with for many years! But this year when I noticed large cavities in my teeth that I could no longer ignore, I reluctantly went to the same dentist. This time the advice was that I needed to have three root canals!!! I was given a prescription for a week’s course of antibiotics to take prior to the first session, which I was told was absolutely necessary. But this time I was older and wiser. I was reluctant to take antibiotics that would destroy my intestinal flora and I wasn’t conviced that I really needed three root canals. I decided to take a second opinion and looked up dentists in Bangalore on the internet. It took me less than an hour to zero in on Dr. Shailaja’s clinic. It was her write up on Practo that impressed me. Though a few people recommended other dentists known to them I decided to trust my own judgement and go to her without any references. From the very first I knew I was in expert hands. She listened patiently to me, advised me clearly about the different options I had and the pros and cons of each, so I could make an informed choice. I needed to have only one root canal; the other two cavities she treated with simple fillings! She did not ask me to take any antibiotics prior to the root canal, all the treatments were painless, and though she prescribed a pain killer for me to take after the root canal treatment, I didn’t even need to take it because the pain was negligible! The cost of the treatment and the tooth crown was significantly lower than the price quoted by the other dentist. What was even better was that she attempted to correct the problem that I had been living with for years – an improper bite – by making a working model of my teeth and studying it. She advised me of my options – orthodontics to correct my bite or wearing an occlusal splint at night to ease the problem and prevent further damage to my teeth. I learnt that she is one of few dentists who is able to make such an occlusal splint. I am so thankful I trusted my own judgement and went to Dr. Shailaja. It feels like I have got all my teeth back. The new crowns fit so snugly that there are no gaps between teeth for food to collect, which was my major complaint. One of the other things I loved about her clinic was that I never needed to wait in the waiting room because my appointments always began exactly on time! I highly highly recommend Dr. Shailaja to anyone who is afraid to go to a dentist.


I started the treatment during the lockdown as i needed the treatment, was skeptical about stepping out to get my treatment done. With Dr. Shailaja’s explanation and seeing her maintain utmost hygiene at the clinic i was very satisfied. Lot of thanks to Dr. Shailaja.

Syeda aleena kazim

The most suitable doctor for any kid. She knows how to handle any kid for dentestry and the treatment is so professional it was very beautiful experience there. As we were too nervous about the tooth extraction of our kid. Here she made everything fine. My 3.5yo loves to visit her. Thanx Dr.Shailaja,

Darikshan Bano

Amazing Dr.. V friendly… Painless treatment.. I would prefer everyone to visit Dr shailaja for any dental problems….. I am v much satisfied with her treatment.. Great human…… Thank you mam

Aditya Mendonca

Lovely experience, I went to sleep and didn’t feel a thing during my teeth cleaning. The doctor was friendly and polite. I had chipped my tooth and had to get my teeth cleaned. Her prescribed treatment was very effective and I’m happy to return to her next.


Excellent ! She’s a great dentist. Methodical, punctual, friendly and everything you won’t see commonly in Indian doctors/ dentists.

M R Prasanna

Excellent attention. Great bedside manners. Put me at ease by explaining every step of the procedure.


I was truly thrilled to know that there are Doctors who truly cares about their patients. She was awesome and I will keep passing her name and numbers to all of my connections for any dental related issues. Muchas Gracias Doc..I will see you again. God bless you.. Stay healthy always.

Laxman S Hampihallikar

I went for my mother’s dental implant. It was complex procedure and we were very wary of the same. We had conflicting feedback about effectiveness of the same from other patients. Dr. Shailaja was amazing in her approach. She explained the need for it and benefits of it very well. She told that the procedure can be performed whenever my mother was ready and did not rush her through. She was very thorough and extremely patient throughout the six months period. Her approach was very professional and she had very soft touch. She was very particular post procedure care and regular follow ups. Overall we have been very happy with her and highly recommend her for any dental treatment.

Vani Satish

Dr. Shailaja is extremely meticulous. The dreaded wisdom tooth extraction was a nearly painless experience. She is very professional and takes the time to explain the procedure and what to expect. You are in very good hands here. Highly recommended if you ever require any dental services

Divya B

Went to Dr Shailaja on friend’s recommdation for wisdom tooth extraction. I was bit sceptical to visit any dentist during covid , but since the extraction was long due and was getting painful , I decided to get it done from Dr Shailaja and I must say it was the best decision. First and foremost the premises are santisied after every patient leaves and the patient is given fresh pair of gloves, disposable bouffant cap and shoe cover and apron before the procedure. The doctor and assistants are in PPE the whole time. Now coming to procedure itself, the extractions were almost painless except for some mild discomfort. Doctor was very patient in explaining the procedure and calming me , as I was bit nervous about my extraction. She also explained the aftercare very patienly. Overall very happy with my experience at Dr Shailaja’s and would highly recommend

Revathy Venkatachalam

One of the very few doctors who takes time to explain all the treatment options and allows you to make an informed decision. Patient with patients and meticulous. Highly recommend her.

Jyothy Mundhra

Me and my family have been visiting Dr.Shailaja Prasad for last three years. She is highly professional and offers the best services with utmost care . What touched me most is she takes care of the minutest details to make her patient comfortable during the treatment …with her comforting words ,choice of music she plays keeping the age group in mind adding a humane touch .This time when I visited with my mom who is 67 yrs .She even made a point to call and inform us about the elevator not being functional that particular day ….This shows she is not only commited to her patients professionally but humanly too .The hygiene practice is best and attendants are appreciable too.

Kiran Natrajan

If one makes a list of doctors/clinics with the high levels of concern for patients, qualification and continuous preparation, and a sense of duty that is scarce these days, this clinic should come up at the top end. We as a family have consulted with Dr.Shailaja for several years now and are happy with the entire experience that has firmly established her as our Family Dentist. A professionally set up clinic with up-to-date equipment & training added with her positive and flexible, supportive attitude has made our dentist’s visits a pleasant one each time. Would recommend to anyone – an apprehensive first timer or even someone looking for a change, a parent with a toddler or even a 60+ Senior Citizen, as we have personally covered this spectrum of cases in our visits!

Eric Hofer

Dr. Prasad is wonderful. Easy to talk to, listens, and performs many tests to ensure unnecessary procedures are avoided. I strongly recommend her, especially foreigners seeking someone competent and trustworthy.


If you’re a local, or a visitor like me – I highly recommend Dr Shailaja. A nice, modern setup, and very professional staff. She took the time to sit and explain things to me, and gave me all my options. Had some major work done (root canal, filings, cleaning etc.), and I’m thoroughly impressed. Drop in and see her, even if only to get some advice on how to proceed. Amazing service, very reasonable fee structure. Number one in Bengaluru, this I can assure you.

Gladys Kumar

My son had a clicking jaw and we visited multiple dentists who even suggested surgery. After a friend suggested Dr. Shailaja Prasad, I decided to consult her. After a month’s treatment my son’s clicking jaw stopped. We were advised to extract his wisdom teeth as they were impacted. Dr. Shailaja explained in layman’s terms the procedure. She is by far the best dentist I visited. She is always ready to listen – and has tons of patience and magic in her hands. I will always recommend Dr. Shailaja Prasad for all your dentistry issues.