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Case 10: Doc, are cavities hereditary? My mother had them too!

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I get asked this question a lot. It’s almost like validation for the problem at hand. Where did those cavities come from? It’s human to find fault from the outside and look for solutions from the inside (self-help). 

Unfortunately, when it comes to cavities, in most instances the cause is not hereditary. If one inherits a bad set of teeth, then yes keeping them clean is a challenge that can lead to cavities and other dental problems. 

How do cavities develop? It all starts with a small white dot called “plaque” which is nothing but an accumulation of bacteria on the surface of the tooth. Any sugary food or drink is fodder for the bacteria that release “acid” as its by-product. This acid is what “cavitates” or drills the enamel of the tooth and allows the bacteria to enter the softer “dentine” within the tooth.

At night the salivary glands are most inactive and literally “go to sleep”. Saliva is the best anti-cavity buffer that can neutralise the acidic environment of a plaque ridden mouth. A sweet tooth coupled with no night time brushing is the perfect recipe for a cavity to start forming.

The best antidote to dental problems takes only 4 minutes out of 24 hours. Good oral hygiene practices such as twice daily brushing, flossing, using an anti-bacterial mouthwash and regular 6 monthly visits to the dentist can keep not only cavities, but gum disease at bay. 

Blaming others is excusing yourself! So, take charge of your mouth as it is the gateway to your overall health!

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