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Case 3: My lower jaw hurts when I chew with my dentures!


A 79 year old petite lady came in one day looking for a solution to the pain in her lower jaw bone. She specifically pointed out to 2 points on her gums where her dentures rested. An Xray and subsequent scan had revealed that the nerve of her lower jaw bone was “denuded” of bone towards the surface and this was the cause of her pain. Every time she chewed her lower dentures would rub on the nerve eliciting pain.

Implants were placed to support the lower denture which was now “raised” and no longer rested on the nerve. And what a relief it was for her!

Her dentures were delivered on her eightieth birthday and we were happy to be part of her special day! I continue to receive pictures from her travels across the world. What strikes me the most is her ever smiling face, this octogenarian in a kanjeevaram saree, spreading smiles as she travels from one place to the other!

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